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After the recently concluded Global BPO TA Awards, where global trailblazing BPO companies went head-to-head for prestigious awards, Satellite Office has been nominated in the Best Candidate Experience Award and Most Inspiring TA Leader, with our Recruitment Manager, Nikko Tani.


Inspiring and Leading the Recruitment Team

Nikko Tani has over 18 years of professional experience in the Filipino market and heads up the Satellite Office Recruitment team. He is a perfectionist, internally motivated, service-oriented and goal-driven, all of which are evident in his interactions with clients, his team and candidates. He understands all aspects of the job placement cycle from creating job descriptions, sourcing, endorsing, skills testing, remuneration and contract negotiation and is also well-skilled in business development and project management.  

Nikko has a strong working knowledge of conceptualising and implementing marketing programs to engage, retain, and attract highly skilled talents. He is a proficient interviewer in all forms – one on one, phone, video conference, offsite and panel-based. He is experienced in creating recruitment strategies in both corporate and search firm environments, from conceptualisation to implementation and post-implementation evaluation, client relations and account management. As a recruitment expert for the offshore outsourcing industry, he maintains a keen interest in industry-based research and technical training and has a strong grasp of industry terminologies and practices, including being updated on events in industry forums and communities. 

Nikko is well-loved not only by the Recruitment team but the whole Satellite Office organization. He is also one of the reasons Satellite Office aims to provide the best candidate experience for every applicant.


An AweSOme
Experience for Every Candidate

The Satellite Office recruitment experience is all about convenience and efficiency.  

Understanding that time is essential, applying for a role in Satellite Office only takes a few minutes. Talents are allowed to apply without a need to create an account or log in to a system. For example, applications are accepted through official social media pages and careers page. After receiving the application, our Recruitment team ensures that the processing time from submission to when the recruiter paper reviews the application and reach out to the candidate is reasonable. 

Another important aspect of the Satellite Office candidate experience is the relationship and communication established between the applicant and recruiter. Expectations are discussed properly with each candidate – explaining how many steps, how long screening takes, and who candidates will be meeting. Our recruitment specialists also make sure that the applicant clearly understands what their role would be:  including walkthroughs of the role and who the hiring client company is. 

All candidates are also encouraged to ask questions, so our recruitment specialists can provide comprehensive answers about the role. The recruitment team always ensures a warm and friendly approach, provides feedbacks in a timely manner and promptly addresses questions and concerns outside of interviews. 

Satellite Office candidates are provided with all possible support and guidance all throughout the recruitment process, and even after. It is not uncommon for hires to approach the recruiters they’ve worked with for concerns even after being onboarded, as well as provide commendations for going above and beyond the function of the Satellite Office recruiter. 

Satellite Office takes pride in being recognised in these categories which is a testament to bringing each candidate the best recruitment experience they can have.  

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