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Satellite Office, the leading outsourcing solutions provider, is proud to announce its inclusion in this year’s Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) “Fast Global List” debuting at number 27, after the company reported a 60.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for FY’20 to FY’22. This recognition not only celebrates Satellite Office’s exponential growth over the years but also serves as a testament to its unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and excellence.

We are thrilled to be part of this year’s AFR’s Fast Global List. This is a special milestone for Satellite Office because it solidifies our strong growth trajectory and global expansion. Our growth only means that our clients are also growing with us. This is a testament to our commitment to provide premium offshore talent to empower businesses wherever they may be in the world. There shouldn’t be limits when it comes to business growth,” said Michael McRitchie, Satellite Office Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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Throughout Satellite Office’s journey, the Company has experienced unparalleled growth, propelling it to the forefront of the offshore outsourcing solutions industry. From its inception, the company has evolved into a global powerhouse, now standing at 1,600+ strong offshore talent.

Collaboration has been the cornerstone of Satellite Office’s success story. The Company has cultivated great partnerships with global organizations that share its vision and values. These partnerships have been pivotal in driving innovation and enhancing the overall client experience.

Behind Satellite Office’s remarkable growth and recognition is a team of talented and dedicated individuals. From frontline staff delivering exceptional service to the teams working diligently behind the scenes, each employee has contributed significantly to the Company’s success. Their collective efforts and expertise have propelled Satellite Office to its current standing and will continue to drive its future success.

“This recognition cannot come at a better time because we are also celebrating our 10th Anniversary this year. A decade ago, we were only dreaming of this growth and now here we are. I am excited for what comes next for our clients, our partners, our hardworking team and of course Satellite Office. Rest assured that we are as committed as we were 10 years ago to make offshore talent the solution to business growth,” said Jeff Blake, Satellite Office’s Chief Operating Officer (COO).

As Satellite Office celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, we extend our sincere gratitude to our valued clients, trusted partners, and dedicated employees who have played a pivotal role in this remarkable achievement. As we look ahead to the future, Satellite Office is more determined than ever to push boundaries and redefine what is possible. We will continue to be a growth partner to businesses worldwide through premium offshore talent.

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