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With the rise of digital transformation, automation, and cloud technology, industries are evolving at a rapid pace. It now becomes crucial for businesses to equip their workforce with the technical and soft skills needed to meet the demands of this unprecedented era of transformation as part of the offshore outsourcing cycle.

As part of Satellite Office’s purpose of transforming the way the world does business and helping our people grow to their highest potential, Satellite Office is launching our learning platform, Satellite Office Learning, Education, and Development (SO-LEAD), in May/June 2021.
Powered by SumTotal, our Learning Management System (LMS) platform is poised to deliver improvements in our employees’ performance through Learning & Development and Performance Management. This initiative will focus on targeted skills and knowledge that will allow our clients to drive team performance, productivity, and business efficiency.


Partnership with Skillsoft.
To provide our clients and their teams with learning content relevant to their business needs, we have partnered with Skillsoft. Skillsoft is a leading provider of cloud-based corporate learning content on Business and Management Skills, Leadership Development, Digital Transformation, Technology & Developer, Productivity and Collaboration Tools, Compliance, and more.

This partnership reinforces our commitment to helping our clients build and manage world-class offshore teams and provide employees with opportunities to improve their skills and grow their careers.


SO-LEAD: Your Development Starts Here.
“SO-LEAD has been designed to cater to the specific learning needs of our client employees. We aim to provide our staff with a positive learning experience through well-curated learning journeys,” said Helen Inukai-Santos, Satellite Office’s Learning & Development Manager.

Future-proof your business. Build your offshore team today.

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