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According to a research by LinkedIn, learning increases productivity and employee satisfaction, making employees 47% less likely to be stressed, and 21% more likely to feel confident and happy about their jobs. Satellite Office’s efforts to invest in its employees’ holistic growth are driven by its passion for people development. The Company believes that its employees play an important role in the longevity and success of the organization.

To uphold its commitment to people development, Satellite Office has launched SO-LEAD (Satellite Office Learning, Education and Development). In partnership with SumTotal, SO-LEAD aims to address employees’ learning and development needs and provide an accessible platform for onboarding requirements. This is a revolutionary step towards making every employee’s journey with Satellite Office more rewarding.

SO-LEAD LEARN: Learning Management System.

Learning is a vital part of employee development. With Satellite Office – LEAD, employees will have access to thousands of free eLearning courses to help address skill and knowledge gaps or level up their skills to advance their careers.

Learners can take ownership of and personalize their learning journey, at the same time, managers can also assign learning activities they see fit for their team members.

Upskilling now has limitless possibilities with SO-LEAD.

The Learning Management System on SO-LEAD has been rolled out last June 23.

SO-LEAD TALENT: Performance Management System.

Feedback is essential in every employee’s journey in the Company. This helps team members and their managers work together to address any gaps in order for them to reach their professional and organizational goals.

SO-LEAD’s Performance Management System, launched on June 23, makes it easy for Offshore outsourcing team members and managers to:

  • Clearly set goals, both organizational and personal goals
  • Track competencies proficiency
  • Create individual development plans
  • Provide and receive continuous feedback

SO-LEAD aims to create a space where employees have access to one-on-one coaching, track their individual development plans and see their performance reviews from their managers/clients. With the help of the SumTotal platform, these can all be achieved and more and will make your career progression with Satellite Office more fulfilling.

SO-LEAD INITIATIVES: Launching Soon: Employee Onboarding.

Employee’s onboarding process makes a lasting impression, especially when it is a pleasant experience. It creates a great starting point for employees and the Company to build long-lasting relationships. With SO-LEAD, new hires will be experiencing an automated onboarding procedure, making it easier, more accessible, and more efficient.

New hires may upload and access their pre-employment requirements via the SumTotal platform and access their orientation materials. These are only some functions that employees can look forward to.

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