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Customer experience plays a pivotal role in the success of an eCommerce business. It affects sales, customer loyalty and retention, and all aspects in between. If you are planning to scale your eCommerce business, focusing on customer experience is one of the best strategies for growth.

Outsourcing eCommerce functions is a viable strategy to ensure a seamless customer experience. Highly experienced and skilled eCommerce Support, Digital Marketing, and Customer Care specialists from known offshore outsourcing locations, such as the Philippines, can help you effectively implement your eCommerce strategy and keep your online shopper engaged, ensuring fast response times and excellent shopping experiences. With your offshore team handling the implementation of your eCommerce strategy, you can focus more on your business growth and expansion instead of spending considerable time on the execution side of your operations.

eCommerce Outsourcing - satellite office usToday, let’s delve deeper into how eCommerce outsourcing can elevate your customer’s online shopping experience.

  1. Enhancing Website Design and User Interface

A responsive web design and intuitive navigation matter for your eCommerce business. Intuitive navigation allows your customers to access all information about a desired product and enhances their overall browsing experience, whether it is through desktops/laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

You can explore different interfaces from a website, mobile app, search, product listing, shopping cart, and checkout to boost your overall eCommerce design. You can also incorporate personalized product recommendations such as related items, personalized offers, or popular products to increase engagement, display customer ratings, and review to build trust and simplify your checkout process to reduce card abandonment. 

By improving your web design and user interface, there’s no doubt that you’ll create a positive impression, build a more reputable brand, and impact your conversion rates. Your offshoring partner can help you build a remote team of website developers and UI/UX experts to ensure that your eCommerce site is user-friendly and easy for your customers to navigate, leading to more sales and an excellent shopping experience.

  1. Streamlining Product Catalog Management

Managing a huge product catalog is highly challenging. You may encounter different issues from categorizing and organizing complex products, ensuring up-to-date information, mapping categories and attributes, duplicate products, and more.

Remember that improving product categorization and search engine capabilities for your customers will enhance their overall buying experience. By hiring Web Designer, Digital Marketer, and other eCommerce experts, you can streamline your product catalog such as implementing logical and intuitive category structure, integrating advanced search features such as sorting, filters, and predictive search, standardize product data, consolidating and cleaning data, and optimizing product descriptions.

At Satellite Office, we can help you find the right offshore talent to support your eCommerce business. Digital marketing and eCommerce roles depending on the level of expertise can be challenging and costly to source in your local market. This is where your offshoring provider can come in to help. They will help you find the best digital marketing resources that are not only a good business fit but also perfectly match your company culture to seamlessly integrate with your local team. 

  1. Optimizing Customer Support Services

Effective customer support plays an essential part in your eCommerce business. It builds customer trust and satisfaction and prevents potential threats like negative reviews. Moreover, your Customer Support team is the key to building customer loyalty and referrals and ultimately growing your business.

Through offshoring, you can have 24/7 support. It allows you to engage with a global chain of talented customer support teams that are available round-the-clock to promptly and effectively address customer concerns. In addition, you can offer multilingual support by outsourcing to locations with diverse languages, such as the Philippines. The Filipino BPO sector has a growing roster of English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, French, and more languages.

  1. Leveraging Data Analytics and Personalization

Data analytics allows your business to uncover insights into customer behavior,  preferences, browsing activity, and purchasing habits. It also identifies new trends and helps you anticipate your customer needs so you can create more targeted and user-specific online campaigns. By creating more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, you can give them suitable and custom-fit content, offers, and products and improve their customer experience.

Data analytics allows you to measure and record your marketing efforts, helping you identify opportunities to improve conversion rates and channels that yield the most positive results. 

At Satellite Office, we can help you build a highly-skilled Data Analytics team with expert knowledge in advanced tools that suit your eCommerce business. In addition, you can also leverage access and awareness to limitless technologies and software that can efficiently and effectively analyze big data and uncover valuable trends for your strategic planning and management.

  1. Ensuring Secure and Reliable Payment Processing

Payment systems vulnerabilities, the pervasiveness of data breaches, and identity theft are concerns often raised by customers when it comes to payment security. And as an eCommerce business owner, addressing these customer complaints should be your top priority. By addressing these issues, your customers will be at ease and comfortably shop on your eCommerce site.

Outsourcing your payment processing to premium offshore resources brings a number of benefits to your business. You can safeguard your payments while minimizing the risk of data breaches, scams, or fraud while gaining access to advanced payment automation, allowing you to save time and resources.

In addition, your team can also implement the following: 

  • Adoption of end-to-end encryption protocols to protect sensitive data during sending and storage
  • se of secure payment gateways equipped with meticulous fraud exposure and prevention systems
  • Compliance with industry-standard security certifications such as PCI DSS 

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Satellite Office has a proven track record of assisting businesses to leverage the benefits of outsourcing by building them a dedicated, highly skilled, and cost-efficient offshore team in the Philippines. 

Our tailored offshore outsourcing solutions give businesses full control of their remote team’s productivity, output quality, and targets while we provide comprehensive support that makes managing offshore employees as simple as possible. Experience a full-service model, including premium facilities, HR, IT infrastructure, account management, and payroll support services, with no hidden fees.

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